Young Economists’ Forum’s (YEF) Succession Ceremony 2013 Held Successfully

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[dt_gap height=”10″ /]To recognize the outstanding contributions of its members and to announce the new Executive Body, YEF holds an event called the Succession Ceremony, annually. This year was no exception. The event was held on Thursday, 7th of February 2013 in NAC 517 of NSU. The event started a couple of hours after the last successful event of the 2012 EB term was held – EconFest 2013. It was a two-hour event and was graced by the presence of YEF’s faculty advisor Ms. Chowdhury Nawsheen Farooqi. About fifty General Members, the Executive Body Members – Michael Shirsho Das (President), Tahsin Azmain (Vice-President), Noor-e-Hasan (General Secretary), Md. Mushfiqur Rahman (Treasurer), Ziad Quader (Head of Marketing & P.R.), Tareq Mozumder (Head of Logistics and Administration), Nudrat Faria Shreya (Head of Academics, Mentoring and Research) and Rudaba Rahman (Head of Creative Design) and YEF’s treasured alumni, Ahmed Abu Bakr and Oliver Simon Halder , were also present at the ceremony.

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The ceremony started off with short speeches by the EB members of the 2012 term. Each speech was unique and told of their experiences at YEF. Their speeches reminded the Yefers present of the never-changing slogan of YEF – “Once a Yefer, always a Yefer.” Each speech was followed by great applause, which succeeded fully in showing the extent of popularity and love that these leaders had gained in such a short period. After the emotional farewell speeches to their old friend YEF, the EB members were awarded with certificates from the NSU authority, signed by the Acting Vice-Chancellor and crests from YEF, for their outstanding contribution to the club and in turn NSU. The certificates and crests were handed to the EB members by none other than YEF’s faculty advisor, Ms. Nawsheen. Ms. Nawsheen then took to the podium to thank the EB team of the 2012 term, to express the wish of working more closely with YEF in the future and to wish the Yefers best of luck for all their upcoming events. Then came the moment that the members were awaiting the most – the naming of the new Executive Body Members. This time Michael Shirsho Das (President) took to the podium and announced the EB members for the 2013 term; Tahsin Azmain (President), Rudaba Rahman (Vice-President), Shahensha-E-Alam (General Secretary), Raisa Bashar (Treasurer), Sifat Abir (Head of Marketing and P.R.) and Ashik Ahmed (Head of Logistics and Adminstration). Each time a new EB member’s name was announced the audience broke out in great applause. The best sight to see was the look of pride on the faces of the outgoing EB members as they gazed upon their successors. After the applause and conversations subsided, videos on the events held last year and the journeys of the outgoing EB members were shown. This was followed by the distribution of the Star Member Awards to a few general members who had given their most to YEF in the 2012 term. Other members were awarded with YEF certificates for their participation in various YEF events last year.

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It was a great way to encourage and boost the morals of the general members of YEF, without whose contribution YEF could never go forward. Towards the end of the ceremony, Team XIII of YEF was announced and new t-shirts were distributed to all the members of YEF’s Team XIII present containing YEF’s logo. The ceremony, however, did not end there. To celebrate the farewell party of the EB members of 2012 and welcome party of the EB members of 2013, almost all present went to a food-place and had a treat. All in all, the Succession Ceremony was no less than a success indeed!

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