YEF Celebrates Equilibrium 2013’s Self-financing

On the 24th of November 2013 , the members of Young Economist’s Forum along with their current and former Executive Body enjoyed a dinner at Soi 71 celebrating the success of a the first-time ever self-financing of YEF’s prominent publication, ‘Equilibrium.’ The dinner at Soi 71 started with the former President and also the current President, Tahsin Azmain and Raisa Bashar respectively, acknowledging the presence of their fellow YEFers. Former President Tahsin Azmain handed out certificates to the deserving members who have worked behind the scenes to make ‘Equilibrium’ a success. Star marketeer certificates were given to members who had brought in sponsors. This was the highlight of the event,. Afterwards , the YEFers enjoyed a lovely dinner. This dinner marked the success of certain members of YEF who had worked hard to make ‘CrossTalk’ and the yearly publication ‘Equilibrium’ a success. Marketeers along with star contributors were invited and they were awarded certificates for their impeccable effort and support towards the events of YEF. This shows that no effort goes unrecognized in YEF, regardless of the output.