Public Speaking Workshop, 2013

For the past few years, YEF has been organizing events like Crosstalk, Speakonomics, Econfest, QuizFiesta, etc. and has also been participating in many competitions and debates outside of the university. To enhance their members’ public speaking skills, a “Public Speaking Workshop” was held by YEF and conducted by Tahsin Azmain (President, Executive Body 2013) and the then Academic Core Team Leader, Abidur Rahman. At first, a “questions and answers session” was carried out between the members and the conductors. Then some basic knowledge was passed on – how to cut down the fear of speaking publicly, how someone should never talk about things he does not know much about and how he or she should not give any assumption or quotes without examples. Members were further informed of why they need to have a command over and fluency in both Bengali and English. Lastly, members came forward and gave mock speeches on a topic they had prepared beforehand. After the members’ speeches, corrections and approvals were exchanged and this brought an end to the public speaking workshop. It was an enlightening and greatly enriching workshop for those with a fear of public speaking and also those who wanted to improve themselves in this field.