About Us


YEF has come a long way since its inception back in 1998. It has provided the young students of NSU and beyond, a platform to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions on past, current and predicted economic and predicted economic and business issues of Bangladesh and abroad.

YEF has held several intra and inter university economic competitions and conferences to realize its creation. In addition, YEF has:

? Provided young students a platform to learn real-world economics and express themselves through:

– Public speaking competitions
– Economic policy debates
– Article writing
– Researches
– Budget analysis
– Interactive seminars with experts
– Conferences
– Economic quiz competitions

? Ensured development of skills of its members through:

– Workshops
– Educational outings and trips

? Given its members an outside-the-classroom experience through :

– Logistics and Event management works
– Fund Raising via sponsors
– Creative works

? Exposed its members to larger learning platforms and nurtured them to adapt to competitive situations both inside and outside North South University (NSU) and ensure best results under all circumstances.

? Provided its members with an experience of an interactive environment of colleagues, contemporary, junior or senior.

? Established leadership, integrity, professionalism and confidence among its members.


YEF holds a number of events and programs to provide its members and the general students, alike, a platform to learn real-world economics and express themselves ?

? Crosstalk ? The largest inter-university, policy-dialogue competition of Bangladesh.

? EconMaster ? A fierce inter-university economics quiz and debate competition in the search of an ultimate winner.

? International Conference(s) ? The largest undergraduate, international economic conference of Bangladesh

? Speakonomics? An economic public speaking contest

? Expert?s Dialogue ? A seminar where experts share their knowledge on a certain topic and students get to interact and question them

? Econ Trip(s) ? educational outing to an economic entity to learn and understand its workings and purposes, local and global.

? Workshops ? For skills development of the general members of YEF

? EduFair ? A large meeting of foreign university agents to counsel and educate students for higher education

? Ecobate ? The pioneer economic theory and policy centric inter-university debate competition to test the knowledge of Bangladeshi Undergraduate Economics and Finance students (THIS IS NOT OUR EVENT)

? Equilibrium ? The annual, academic publication of YEF that hold articles, interviews and research papers of students and learned professionals.

? YEF Chronicle- A tri-annual newsletter of YEF that serves to update people about the current activities of YEF. It also acts as an intellectual and promotional tool for it?s stakeholders.

Young Economists? Forum (YEF) AIMS to become the best student activity club of not only of North South University (NSU), but the whole of Bangladesh in terms of human resource, quality, events, exposure and efficiency.