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YEF’s Visit to Bangladesh Bank, 2014

Bangladesh Bank is in the epicenter of economic policy and planning in Bangladesh. It not only plans towards achieving major economic goals but also plays a primary role in controlling activities; namely of the monetary policy. Many of us read in text books about what central banks are and their functions. Nevertheless, a first-hand experience

YEF Celebrates Equilibrium 2013’s Self-financing

On the 24th of November 2013 , the members of Young Economist’s Forum along with their current and former Executive Body enjoyed a dinner at Soi 71 celebrating the success of a the first-time ever self-financing of YEF’s prominent publication, ‘Equilibrium.’ The dinner at Soi 71 started with the former President and also the current

Discussion Program 2013

On the 13th of June 2013,Economics Department of North South University (NSU) and Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) jointly presented a Discussion Program on ‘Current Macroeconomic Scenario in Bangladesh and Policy Analysis’ – an event which NSU’s only Academic Club, Young Economists’ Forum (YEF) organized. The Keynote Speaker of the program was Professor Mustafizur Rahman, Executive

Social Business Forum 2013

This year’s Social Business Forum (2013) was splendidly held at North South University (NSU) despite the campus’s conditions. The event took place on Saturday 29th June 2013. It was organized by team South Asian Youth Society (SAYS). The event was conjoined by many back to back programs. One of the main programs was ‘The Social

Press Release Workshop 2013

The Press Release Workshop was held on Friday, 30th August, from 9.30 am to 11.00 am. It was conducted by an ex-reporter of The New Age, Asma Housna. The workshop was very effective as a lot of information was given on proper ways to write a press release. The first thing discussed was what a

CrossTalk 2013

CrossTalk is the largest and pioneer Policy Dialogue Competition in Bangladesh. This year the policy dialogue competition was more prominent and promising and Young Economists’ Forum was responsible to host the Inter-University Competition on four preliminary topics for the first round and one final topic for the Grand Finale, along with the Title Sponsors Flat

Public Speaking Workshop, 2013

For the past few years, YEF has been organizing events like Crosstalk, Speakonomics, Econfest, QuizFiesta, etc. and has also been participating in many competitions and debates outside of the university. To enhance their members’ public speaking skills, a “Public Speaking Workshop” was held by YEF and conducted by Tahsin Azmain (President, Executive Body 2013) and

Young Economists’ Forum’s (YEF) Succession Ceremony 2013 Held Successfully

[dt_fancy_image type=”” style=”1″ lightbox=”1″ align=”center” padding=”0″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_left=”0″ width=”550″ animation=”top” media=”” image_alt=”” hd_image=”” image=”×240.jpg”][/dt_fancy_image] [dt_gap height=”10″ /]To recognize the outstanding contributions of its members and to announce the new Executive Body, YEF holds an event called the Succession Ceremony, annually. This year was no exception. The event was held on Thursday, 7th of


[dt_fancy_image type=”” style=”1″ lightbox=”1″ align=”center” padding=”10″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”10″ margin_right=”0″ margin_left=”0″ width=”600″ animation=”top” media=”” image_alt=”” hd_image=”” image=””][/dt_fancy_image][dt_gap height=”10″]North South University Young Economists’ Forum (NSU-YEF) organized a public-speaking competition “SPEAKONOMICS 2.0” on the afternoon of the 19th of December, 2012. A distinctive approach away from the mundane and daily activities in the university life, a contest of

Succession Ceremony 2012 Held

[dt_fancy_image type=”image” image=”” lightbox=”true” style=”2″ width=”600″ padding=”10″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”10″ margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”0″ align=”center” animation=”top”]After much hard work, stress and delay, Young Economists’ Forum finally held its Succession Ceremony. Attended by a modest number of general members and the entire executive board, the small but important ceremony was quite a pleasant way to spend 2 hours of